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Elisabeth Backteman: Sharing experiences of the fight against AMR

Elisabeth Backteman, State Secretary, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation Elisabeth Backteman, State Secretary, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)has been called a slow tsunami as its effects only gradually become visible, as disease becomes virtually untreatable. The problem is complex, which is why we need to work ever closer together. Those of us in leading positions in agriculture, environmental care, public health, finance, trade and development cooperation need to clearly show the way to using antibiotics in a carefully and considered way so that future generations will be able to benefit. The Swedish government considers the fight against antimicrobial resistance an absolute priority. Through close cooperation at local, regional and national level, we have managed a comprehensive system for good animal health. By investing heavily in healthy animals, the infection rate and AMR are kept low while maintaining productivity. To help maintain this, I now initiate this blog, hoping to show how we work in Sweden and to create new connections to be able to step up the resistance to resistance wherever it occurs. My team of expert civil servants will run the blog, but I will continue to take an active interest.

Elisabeth Backteman,
State Secretary to Sven-Erik Bucht, Minister for Rural Affairs. 



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