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C. Nordin Van Gansberghe, Senior Advisor: FAO hosted an exchange of information on the fight to contain AMR

On 8 November 2017, representatives from FAO, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and Sweden sat on the podium in the Austrian Room at FAO, which was filled to capacity by FAO staff and Member States’ delegates to discuss what is being done concerning AMR. Sweden’s Deputy Permanent Representative to FAO, Mr. Fredrik Alfer, detailed our experiences of drastically reducing the use of antibiotics in animal management, a reduction which started with the producers. Regulation is important, as is the harmonization between sectors in order to create a level playing field for producers. When restricting the use of antibiotics, awareness of alternative treatments must be created in order to assure productivity. Good animal management results in healthy animals which do not need antibiotic treatment.

Education and the exchange of experiences were central to the panel debate. FAO’s Deputy Director General of Natural Resources Ms. Maria Helena Semedo encouraged all developing nations, their business sectors, particularly farmers and veterinarians, to cooperate and learn from each other so as to achieve sustainable results. Innovation is vital to refine drug use and diagnostics.

Cooperation between global organisations must also go forward. FAO’s Chief veterinarian, dr. Juan Lubroth presented the FAO involvement in the UN interagency network of 12 organisations that are putting together a common report to the UN Secretary General on how the UN should work to counter the global AMR threat. FAO works very closely with WHO and OIE in the Tripartite cooperation to fulfil the Global action plan on AMR.

Germany talked about the efforts of the G-20 to raise awareness and measures through an action plan, which i.a. aims at phasing out the use of antibiotics for growth promotion.

Lively exchange of AMR experiences in the Austria Room ©FAO/Giuseppe Carotenuto. Copyright ©FAO Lively exchange of AMR experiences in the Austria Room
©FAO/Giuseppe Carotenuto. Copyright ©FAO


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